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Teenager Hacking Suspect Jailed by London Cops for GTA 6 and Uber Breach

A 17-year-old Oxfordshire kid was apprehended on suspicion of hacking, according to info launched by the City of London Cops on Friday.

According to specialists, the current security breaches at Uber and Rockstar Games might have something to do with the arrest.

On September 18, a cyber danger star determined as the ‘teapotuberhacker’ declared to have actually hacked Rockstar Games, the business behind the popular and controversial Grand Theft Vehicle (GTA) franchise, in a post on Teapotuberhacker declared to have actually taken 90 films of alpha product and the source code for Grand Theft Vehicle VI and its predecessor GTA V from Rockstar because post, which has actually given that been eliminated.

Significantly, a 17-year-old Oxford young boy was amongst the 7 minors who were apprehended. The Oxford teen was apprehended after other hackers published his name and address online. The young boy had 2 web aliases: ‘Breachbase’ and ‘White’. According to the reports, the young boy had actually made about $14 million by means of information theft.

More info worrying the questions was kept under covers by the UK authorities.

7 teenagers were apprehended and later on released by City of London authorities in connection with a probe into the Lapsus$ hacking company this spring.

Uber launched more info concerning the current security breach previously today. According to the company, the danger star accountable for the invasion is linked to the LAPSUS$ hacker company.

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