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Russian Scam Industry Expands as a Result of Mobilization

After experiencing setbacks on the Ukrainian front, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial mobilization. Russian men who are eligible for enlistment have turned to illegal channels that grant them fabricated exemptions, whereas those fleeing the country to neighboring regions have turned to using identity masking tools.

Due to the aforesaid circumstance, it is now highly profitable for people to sell illegal services. In a similar vein, scammers and hackers see a good opportunity to take advantage of anxious people in haste.

Cybercriminals selling fake documents on the dark web, Telegram, and other encrypted channels are the initial scams to attempt to profit from the situation.

The scammers have even gone to the point of actively publicizing their phony services on social media and making direct contact with individuals through channels that preach about mobilization. The hackers allegedly offer people certificates of ineligibility for military duty, which they claim will enable them to avoid enlistment, according to a report by RIA Novosti.

For the recruitment officers to never hunt for the buyer, the agreement also calls for updating the regional enlistment office’s database within 48 hours. The scammers demand 27,000 rubles ($470) in exchange for the same, as well as a copy of the client’s passport.

Once the funds are paid, the con artists cut off contact with the victim and probably utilize the identity they have stolen to commit more fraud or sell it on the dark web. These advertisements claim to be able to produce fake HIV and hepatitis certificates for 33,000 and 38,000 rubles ($630), respectively.

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