Companies are at Risk From Remote Workers Losing Thier Laptops

Data thieves can steal a laptop from a coffee shop table, a lost property bin, an unlocked locker, your desk at work, or even your luggage on a crowded commuter train, and it’s far away when you first realize it’s gone. They are difficult to identify and trace, and because most individuals carry computers, it is simple to steal without anybody knowing. Many data theft events are simply crimes of opportunity rather than deliberate attacks, and stolen laptops make an excellent target.

Organizations are penalized a total of £26 million, according to data compiled by Cisco Systems, after employees misplaced company-owned laptops and phones.

The Information Commissioner’s Office has collected over 3,000 reports of missing devices with user data during the past two years. Businesses are far more prone to be penalized than companies that have been the target of ransomware hackers if employees’ misplaced laptops and phones consist of consumer information.

The majority of organizations are putting in place their cyber defenses, yet many do not consider their staff to be a threat to company data. But a major aspect of cyber security preparation is searching within the organization for potential insider threats. It might be challenging to tell whether a staff member has genuinely used company systems or if they are attempting to assault the company.

According to data protection legislation, the loss of a device containing or having access to the personal data of customers or suppliers must be reported to the ICO. As per Lindy Cameron, the CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre, ransomware is one of the most severe cybersecurity risks in the UK.

Martin Lee, technical lead for cybersecurity at Cisco, warned that office workers who are unable to resume their usual commute may see an increase in lost or stolen devices that carry important company data. Businesses in the UK have been investing heavily to ensure that their corporate networks are impenetrable because of the increased awareness of cyber threats brought on by rising data breaches.

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