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More Than 50% of Organizations Can’t Fully Utilize Cloud Security Solutions Due To Understaffing

The cybersecurity talent shortage is impacting so many businesses globally. More than 50% of IT & #Cybersecurity teams can’t fully utilize cloud security solutions due to understaffing. As this excerpt from a recent HelpNet Security Article highlights:

There are unrealized gaps between the rate of implementation or operation and the effective use of cloud security access brokers (CASB) within the enterprise, according to a global Cloud Security Alliance survey of more than 200 IT and security professionals from a variety of organization sizes and locations.

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“CASB solutions have been underutilized on all the pillars but in particular on the compliance, data security, and threat protection capabilities within the service,” said Hillary Baron, lead author and research analyst, Cloud Security Alliance.

“It’s clear that training and knowledge of how to use the products need to be made a priority if CASBs are to become effective as a service or solution,” Baron concluded.

The paper found that while nearly 90% of the organizations surveyed are already using or researching the use of a CASB, 50% don’t have the staffing to fully utilize cloud security solutions, which could be remediated by working with top CASB vendors.

Cyber attacks, ransomware and breaches are a massive issue for all organizations and more needs to be done. I speak to private and public sector organizations all the time about their growing attack surface due to remote work, IoT, etc… and their increasing number of threat vectors. Yet, there is only incremental improvement.


A security first mindset is often a distinguishing characteristic between organizations with stronger cybersecurity than those that do not. Cybersecurity is a long-term investment and it is critical for organizational leaders to understand and support this stance.

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