Malware Spreads Through FishPig Distribution Server to Infect Magento-Powered Stores


For several weeks, Magento stores have been infected with malware as a result of a supply chain attack on the FishPig distribution server.

FishPig specialises in Magento optimizations and Magento-WordPress integrations, and its Magento extensions have received over 200,000 downloads. FishPig issued a warning on Tuesday about an intrusion into its extension licence system that resulted in a threat actor injecting malicious PHP code into the Helper/License.php file. 

“This file is included in most FishPig extensions so it is best to assume that all FishPig modules had been infected,” FishPig announced.

The hackers likely had access to the company’s servers since at least August 6, according to the company.

As per Sansec security researchers who discovered the intrusion, the injected code would install another piece of malware called Rekoobe, which would hide as a background process on the compromised servers.

Sansec further told that the malicious code injected into License.php would download a Linux binary from every time the Fishpig control panel is accessed in the Magento backend. The downloaded file, named ‘lic.bin,’ appears to be a licenced asset, but it is actually the Rekoobe remote access trojan.

The trojan removes all malicious files from the infected machine after execution, but it remains in memory, impersonating a system service while waiting for instructions from its command and control (C&C) server, according to the researchers. FishPig claims that the malicious code has been removed from its servers and that all modules have been updated.

“It is recommended to upgrade all FishPig modules or reinstall existing versions from the source, regardless of whether or not you are using extensions known to be infected. This will ensure clean and secure code on your system,” FishPig announced.

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