Major Security Breach Strikes the Mexican Federal Government

According to the president of Mexico, a group of hackers took a substantial piece of e-mails from the Mexican Defense Department along with those from authorities and military companies in other Latin American countries.

Lopez Obrador, frequently called AMLO, has actually dismissed fret about the growing militarization of public security, declaring that in order to prevent corruption, the guard should now be under military instructions. Speaking at a interview, the president confirmed accusations about his own health problems and validated that the details from the Defense Ministry hack that had actually been reported in regional media over night was precise.

Media reports claim that the hacker accessed to 6 terabytes of product from the Defense Ministry, consisting of records of interactions, information about criminal characters, and monitoring of Ken Salazar, the American ambassador to Mexico.

The hack was decreased by López Obrador, who declared that “absolutely nothing doubts.” He declared that the attack appeared to have actually taken place throughout a system modification at the Defense Department.

Nevertheless, Chile was so worried about the invasion into its own systems that recently, while remaining in the United States with President Gabriel Boric for the UN General Assembly, it called the defense minister back.

E-mails from the armed forces of El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, and the National Cops of El Salvador are likewise consisted of in the 10 gigabytes of information that the company has actually taken. Most of the information appeared to come from Mexico.

Confidential social justice activists passing the name Guacamaya claim to use hacking to expose misbehavior and corruption on behalf of Native individuals. The e-mails of a mining corporation long thought of breaking human rights and the environment in Guatemala were formerly breached and revealed by hackers with the exact same identity.

The group regreted the colonists’ pillage of Latin America, which it describes as Abya Yala, in a declaration that accompanied the most current action, along with the ‘International North’s’ continuous extractivist goals.

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