Hackers Employing Encryption are Successfully Infiltrating Organizations Worldwide

Threat analysts find it “increasingly difficult” to spot and thwart cyber assaults targeting their businesses, according to the latest findings from Security AI-driven hybrid cloud threat detection and response firm Vectra. 

According to the study, 70% of businesses have experienced an assault that exploited encrypted traffic to evade detection. 45% acknowledged that they have been a victim more than once. Unfortunately, 66% of respondents still lack visibility into all of their encrypted traffic, making them extremely susceptible to additional encryption attacks. 

As per the survey, analysts are unable to respond to complex threats due to the burdens placed on cybersecurity and networking specialists, which are continually growing. Major conclusions include:

  • 40% more resources in the cloud and 36% more devices on the network are to blame for the growth in workloads in threat detection and response, according to 45% of cybersecurity and networking professionals. 
  • 37% think that as threats have become more sophisticated, it has become more difficult for analysts to identify real attacks. 
  • 69 percent concur that the time between exploitation and detection provides hackers too much time to infiltrate a network – with 29 percent also citing communication issues between the security operations center and other IT teams. 
  • In addition, 23 percent believe SOC analysts do not have the right level of skills, and 18 percent believe they’re understaffed, indicating security teams are not equipped to mitigate the cyberattacks. 

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