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Hacker Takes Database of Verizon Worker

A hacker took a database consisting of numerous Verizon employees’ total names, e-mail addresses, business ID numbers, and telephone number. By calling telephone number in the database, Motherboard had the ability to verify that a minimum of part of the information is authentic. 4 individuals verified their total identities and e-mail addresses, in addition to their work at Verizon. It doubts whether all of the details is right or as much as date.

Another individual verified the details and mentioned that she utilized to work for the business. A lots more numbers gotten voicemails that consisted of the names in the database, suggesting that they are likewise right.
Recently, the hacker called Motherboard to offer the details.

The information was acquired, according to the unknown hacker, by encouraging a Verizon staff member to approve them remote access to their business computer system. At that time, the hacker declared to have actually gotten access to a Verizon internal tool that shows staff member information and to have actually established a script to query and scrape the database.

” These workers are morons and will enable you to link to their PC under the guise that you are from internal assistance,” they informed Motherboard in an online chat.

The hacker mentioned they connected to Verizon and shared the e-mail that he sent out to the business.

” Please do not hesitate to react with a deal not to leakage you’re [sic] whole staff member database,” the hacker composed in the e-mail, according to a screenshot of it.

The hacker mentioned they would like Verizon to pay them $250,000 as a benefit.

A Verizon representative verified the hacker has actually touched with the business.

” A scammer just recently called us threatening to launch easily offered staff member directory site details in exchange for payment from Verizon. We do not think the scammer has any delicate details and we do not prepare to engage with the person even more,” the representative informed Motherboard in an e-mail.

” As constantly, we take the security of Verizon information extremely seriously and we have strong steps in location to safeguard our individuals and systems.”

While the taken details does not consist of Social Security numbers, passwords, or charge card information, it is nevertheless possibly damaging. It may be advantageous for hackers who want to target business workers– or simulate one while talking with another– in order to get access to internal tools.
An attack of this type would use hackers the chance to impersonate Verizon workers and, if effective, total access to networks that would enable them to search for people’ details and move their telephone number, a practice referred to as SIM switching.

For several years, hackers have actually gotten to victims’ telephone number, permitting them to alter the target’s e-mail password, for instance. As an outcome, the hackers get access to the victim’s bank or cryptocurrency account. Hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals have actually been victimised by this kind of breach recently.
A number of individuals have actually been jailed and arraigned in the United States for apparently taking part in these kinds of cyberattacks.

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