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‘DarkTortilla’ Crypter Produces Targeted Malware

Scientists from Secureworks took a look at “DarkTortilla,” a.NET-based crypter utilized to disperse both popular malware and customized payloads.

Representative Tesla, AsyncRat, NanoCore, and RedLine were amongst the info thiefs and remote gain access to trojans (RATs) provided by DarkTortilla, which has actually most likely been active because 2015. It was likewise identified dispersing particular payloads like Cobalt Strike and Metasploit.

Software application tools referred to as crypters make it possible for malware to avert detection by security programs by integrating file encryption, obfuscation, and code adjustment.

Balancing 93 samples weekly in between January 2021 and May 2022, the extremely adjustable and complex crypter can likewise be utilized to send out add-ons, such as extra payloads, decoy files, and executables. It likewise seems especially popular amongst hackers.

SecureWorks experts have actually found code similarities with a crypter utilized by the RATs Team hazard company in between 2008 and 2011 in addition to with malware found in 2021, Gameloader.

The harmful spam e-mails that transfer DarkTortilla consist of archives with an executable for a preliminary loader that is utilized to decipher and run a core processor module, either concealed within the e-mail itself or downloaded through text-storage sites like Pastebin.

The scientists have actually discovered spam e-mail samples in English, German, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian, and Spanish languages. These e-mails are adjusted to the target’s language.

A complicated setup file that allows the core processor to drop add-on plans like keyloggers, clipboard thiefs, and cryptocurrency miners is then utilized to develop determination and inject the primary RAT payload into memory without leaving a trace on the file system.

The anti-tamper safeguards used by DarkTortilla are likewise considerable because they ensure that both procedures utilized to run the parts in memory are rebooted right now after termination.

A 2nd executable called a Guard dog, which is planned to keep track of the targeted procedure and rerun it if it is damaged, particularly allows the determination of the very first loader.

In addition to carrying out anti-VM and anti-sandbox checks, accomplishing determination, moving execution to the ‘tmp’ folder, processing add-on plans, and moving execution to its set up directory site, DarkTortilla’s core processor can be set up to do these things.

To avoid disturbance with the execution of DarkTortilla or the payload, it then injects its payload within the context of the set up subprocess and, if set up, can likewise offer anti-tamper defenses.

This technique resembles the one utilized by the hazard star Moses Personnel, who was found previously this year utilizing a watchdog-based method to avoid any disturbance of his payloads. 2 extra controls are likewise utilized to guarantee the determination of the preliminary loader in addition to the continuing execution of the disposed Guard dog software application itself.

Over 17 months from 2021 to Might 2022, Secureworks declared to have actually discovered approximately 93 various DarkTortilla samples being published to the VirusTotal malware database each week. Just approximately 9 of the 10,000 samples kept an eye on throughout that duration were utilized to propagate ransomware, with 7 dispersing Babuk and 2 more dispersing MedusaLocker.

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