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Beware: Ransomware Is Shaping Up To Be Worse in 2021

By all reports, organizations around the world are seeing more ransomware than ever. Additionally, it has become more scary and sophisticated, as extortion now acts a backup in case the ransom isn’t paid. Once they have the proper access internally, they are often able to pipe out some of the data before encrypting, thereby giving them a backup should the organization choose not to pay.


Both the private and public sectors are being hit, as most environments are being found to be vulnerable. It really is a perfect storm and one in which the bad actors and ransomware gangs are able to enrich themselves with repeatedly. 2021 is likely to set ransomware records and candidly, there is no end in sight.



Mark Lynd (CISSP, ISSAP, ISSMP), Head of Digital Business at Netsync is Top ranked global thought leader, author, speaker and practitioner for, AI, Data Center, IoT and Cybersecurity. He has been an accomplished enterprise CIO, CTO, CISO and Board Member for several large organizations. Mark has performed speaking and thought leadership engagements for Oracle, Intel, IBM, Cisco and others. He was named an Ernst & Young’s "Entrepreneur of Year – Southwest Region" Finalist and presented the Doak Walker Award on ESPN’s CFB Awards Show to a national television audience. He served honorably in the US Army’s 3rd Ranger Battalion & 82d Airborne.